#set pager_index_lines=8
set smtp_url="SMTP_URL_GOES_HERE"
set smtp_pass="PASSWORD_GOES_HERE"
set hostname=""
set allow_8bit  # Don't do any Quoted-Printable encoding on 8-bit data!
set copy=yes    # Ask me if I want to save a copy of my outgoing messages.
set delete=yes
set noaskcc
set nomark_old
set reverse_alias
set reverse_name
set reply_to
set realname="Byron Katz"
set attribution="On %M %N, %f wrote:"
set editor="emacsclient +8:0"
set print=ask-no
set mbox_type=Maildir
set folder="~/Maildir/"
set mask="!^\\.[^.]"
set mbox="+inbox"
set record="+inbox"
set postponed="+drafts"
set edit_hdrs           # let me edit those headers!
set nosave_empty
set sort=threads
set read_inc=10
set write_inc=10
#set pager=emacsclient
set noprompt_after
#my_hdr From: 
#set status_format="---%h:%f [%?M of ?%m msgs, %?n new, ?%?t tagged, ?%l bytes]---(%s)%|-"
set status_format="%r %v [%?M?%M/?%m] %?n?%n new, ?%?p?%p postponed, ?%?t?%t +tagged, ?%?d?%d deleted, ?(%h:%f) %?b?%b more to go.?%> %r"

set alias_file="~/.aliases"
# set quote_regexp="^ *[-=]*[>:|][>:|]*[        A-Za-z0-9]"
set quote_regexp="^([A-Za-z ]+>|[]>:|}-][]>:|}-]*)"
set include
# set pop_host="pop.gmail.com"
# set pop_delete
set hdr_format="%4C %Z %{%b %d} %-15.15n (%4l) %s"
set nomove
set tilde
macro index c "?" "open a different folder"
macro pager c "?" "open a different folder"
macro index C "?" "copy a message to a mailbox"
macro index M "?" "move a message to a mailbox"
macro compose A "?" "attach message(s) to this message"
set noautoedit
set pager_context=1
set pager_stop
set pgp_replyencrypt
set pgp_replysign
#set pgp_autosign
set pipe_decode
set postponed="+postponed"
set to_chars="b .c>"
auto_view text/html
set fast_reply

color header yellow black Subject:
color header brightcyan black .
color body brightyellow black [_a-z\.\$A-Z0-9-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9\./\-]+
color body yellow black (http|ftp)://[_a-zA-Z0-9\./~\-]+
color quoted green black
color signature brightblue black
# color indicator yellow blue
color attachment yellow black
color tree red black
color indicator black cyan
color status yellow blue
color tilde blue black
color normal default default

bind pager 'w' previous-page
bind pager 'j' next-line
bind pager 'k' previous-line
bind index '#' tag-entry
bind index '{' previous-thread
bind index '}' next-thread

mailboxes ! + `\
for file in ~/Maildir/.*; do \
  box=$(basename "$file"); \
  if [ ! "$box" = '.' -a ! "$box" = '..' -a ! "$box" = '.customflags' \
      -a ! "$box" = '.subscriptions' ]; then \
    echo -n "\"+$box\" "; \
  fi; \

source ~/.aliases
unset markers 

Contact me at byronka (at) msn.com