A useful way to style images

Sep 24, 2015

Here is a technique I used recently when putting together a website for work. I had a bunch of images to display in the webpage. Each image should be displayed small, unless the user puts their mouse over it - then it should animate to becoming larger. To make this happen, I wrote the following css:

@keyframes enlarge {
	from { max-width: 500px; }
	to { max-width: 900px; }

@keyframes shrink {
	from { max-width: 900px; }
	to { max-width: 500px; }

img {
	animation-name: shrink;
	animation-duration: 1s;
	max-width: 500px;

img:hover {
	animation-name: enlarge;
	animation-duration: 1s;
	max-width: 900px;

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