Building a case for why JavaScript needs to die. Part 1.

June 16, 2016

as we all know, JavaScript looks like C-based languages with its use of brackets. It seems to follow C convention -

for() {


while() {


But of course, those in the know are aware that it's a lie. Anything in those brackets is simply in the same scope as whatever surrounds them. And that is the *only* reason for suggesting to use functional-style methods like forEach() or map(). Because by using those, you pop in a function (aka lambda, aka callback) as a parameter, and that causes the scope to be contained.

But the fact that you have to use a user-created function to have any semblance of the proper way of doing things is a totally contrary thing to have. It's absurd. It's like we're using some half-baked intentionally shit language just so we can show off how masochistic we are.

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