A simple one-liner to create strong passwords.

June 7, 2017
tr -cd [:graph:] < /dev/urandom | fold -w75 | sed 's/[&<>"'']/l/g' | head -n10

  the first part, from "tr" to "unrandom", takes the random binary
  input from unrandom and deletes all input except the ascii
  characters that are printable (which comes from using the :graph:

  fold -w30
  Then we chop that down to just 75 characters, nearly filling a
  whole line.

  sed 's/ ...
  here we remove certain characters we don't want.  Specifically, we
  don't want any characters that would need to be escaped in xml,
  because I store my passwords in xml format.

  head -n10
  Get 10 lines of random text.

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