A couple of tricks that make my life easier:

May 23, 2014
Scope highlight in Visual Studio

If you are using ReSharper with VS, in ReSharper's options, go to Environment >> Editor >> Editor Appearance, and under Highlightings select Highlight with "outline". This will give you a much better sense of the scope of whatever you are looking at, whether that is code or markup.

File list oneliner

In *nix, try this oneliner for listing files in a directory by size (especially handy for looking at log directories, for example):

  ls -l |egrep log$ | awk '{if($5 > 300) print $5 " " $9}'

This can be customized. It currently looks for any files ending with "log" and looks at the fifth column (size in bytes) and only prints it if the size is greater than 300.

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