First batch of images

August 5, 2018

I am going to start uploading some pictures I have taken over the years, maybe videos also. See the following pictures.

Corey and Susanne walking ahead, Andrea walking behind, at Natural Bridge Virginia, near the arch.

Byron with Cameron and David on his lap, sitting near rear door to house, in the kitchen of the house on Woodland avenue in Atlanta.

Byron sitting on a couch in the living room of the Lawrence Avenue house in Maryland. This was during the rare stint of Byron trying to grow a beard.

cameron rejoicing with his friends Isabelle, Emilio, and Daniel at rebounderz, a trampoline place near our house in Sterling, Virginia, for his birthday.

Cameron graduating from kindergarten at Rock View Elementary School in Kensington, Maryland

Waiting on a bus from the parking lot to the base of the aerial tram, which will take us to the top of San Jacinto, in Palm Springs California.

Cameron's birthday party breakfast, in our house at Sterling, Virginia

Cameron with baby Corey sitting on his lap on the living room couch in Kensington, Maryland.

we used to visit Ikea a lot since it was pretty close to our house. Cameron loved going, and would jump into the beds there. As he is doing here.

Cameron swimming in a lane at the Stone House pool, one of the multiple pools in our neighborhood

Cameron at one of his band concerts at Riverbend Middle School, in Sterling Virginia. He played the tuba a short while, and was getting pretty good at it, but then decided he wasn't that interested any more.

David had a Minecraft-themed birthday party. It was amazing. Ben, Steve, and I took turns wearing "Steve" and "Creeper" masks and walked around getting hit by the kids' foam swords. Susanne made sure there were plenty of activities, and the food was good. Especially Susanne's famous chocolate-frosted birthday cake.

David has been into patterns and letters since he was very young. I took this photo of what he did in a bath. Maybe one day he'll be a cryptographer.

This is the entry foyer to Stan and Pat's last house together in Dacula, which is in Gwinnett county Georgia. Cameron would have memories of playing here, but David was probably too young.

This is a picture taken when Byron and Cameron went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington DC. The docent was talking about bugs, and showed off this huge rhino beetle. Cameron held it.

Pat playing with baby David on the couch at our Woodland avenue house in Atlanta

This is one of the programs from Susanne's concerts with the Loudoun Symphonic Winds. She plays clarinet, notice her name in that section.

Rowan and Ethan drinking juice at Cameron's birthday party that we did outside at the Piedmont Park in Atlanta Georgia.

Susan holding Cameron as a toddler while sitting on a couch at Dogwood Meadows in Memphis.

Mom telling me something. Taken at 2335 Dogwood Meadows, Memphis, in the kitchen.

Mom dancing at my wedding

This was taken at Lauren Johns' house in Norcross, Georgia.

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