Edinburgh trip

August 23, 2018

Pictures from a trip I took to Edinburgh, Scotland with my son Cameron.


Notes from our trip.

At Dulles airport, heading to Scotland.

Byron taking a selfie - Cameron is getting upset at all the selfies being taken. On the plane to Edinburgh.

Waiting for our plane to Edinburgh in the Dublin airport

At the Edinburgh airport

Byron standing in front of Byron burgers, Edinburgh

Sitting at our favorite cafe, "Fieldwork", in Edinburgh. We typically went there every morning to have coffee and lounge around. Cameron had his first latte there, but eventually switched back to hot chocolate.

This stone monument is called King Arthur's seat, it's on top of a hill in Holyrood park near Edinburgh.

standing in front of the National Scottish Library in Edinburgh. The library has 20 million media, including books and videos.

A picture of us in the room we stayed in throughout our trip

Standing at the entrance to the Sterling train station, Scotland

Taking the train around the Edinburgh area. Visited Sterling and Inverkeithing, and saw the Forth Bridge.

Byron and Cameron enjoying drinks

Cameron sitting in a giant seat near the ferris wheel in Edinburgh

Cameron in a virtual-reality ride at the mall. Just put in a pound and experience the exhileration an aerial battle between American and Japanese fighter jets during Sept 11 in NYC.

Here, Cameron is standing next to a wall in a model of an ancient Scottish house. Note that the stone walls are more than 2 feet thick.

a typical scene at the cafe - Cameron doing his sketching, and I am writing in a journal.

Cameron with a really fancy latte

Taking a selfie while climbing the stairs up to Edinburgh castle.

A pretty decent view of the Edinburgh castle

Standing in front of the Forth Bridge on a foggy day.

Standing in the courtyard of Edinburgh castle. Note the viewing stands - they were having the military tattoo every night here.

Standing in front of the University of Edinburgh.

This glass structure was meant to represent a Scottish "bothy", which is a stone hut used by shepherds. It was in a small garden next to the stair up to Edinburgh castle. We just stumbled across the garden.

A pretty nice view of Edinburgh castle from the old Loch area that was turned into a park

Standing on a street just off of Princes street in Edinburgh

on board the Brittania Royal Yacht, docked in Edinburgh. Cameron and I are standing on the bridge.

Standing on a deck outside with the royal yacht Brittania behind us, Edinburgh

These were some of the stone steps that led up the hill to King Arthur's seat, in Holyrood park outside Edinburgh.

Riding on the top deck of double-decker bus in Edinburgh

Visiting Murrayfield ice rink in Edinburgh. Cameron wanted to keep up on his skating skills, so we visited.

A panorama shot taken on the Royal Mile near Edinburgh castle on a good day during the Fringe festival

Putting on ice skates to play at Murrayfield Ice rink in Edinburgh

A monument to Scott. If you are a Scott or a Scot, this is yours.

They certainly like Scotch in Edinburgh. Many of the restaurants had extensive Scotch on their drinks list.

While taking a talk through the loch gardens, we came across this setup. Cameron had to try it

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